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Early Digital Creative Practice
I was a keen video games player and instantly attracted to the use of the computer for my creative practice. I am trained in stained glass design and production and saw the computer screen as creating light emitting images in the same way as leaded light. I worked on Photoshop 1 and connected Chelsea to the internet for the first time via its Macintosh II computer and Gopher.

Virtual Reality Research
Between 1994 and 1997 I was the Research Assistant on a Virtual Reality project at Chelsea School of Art. This led to exhibitions, publications and conference presentations across the globe including the Art School Chicago, the Tate Britain, ICAS and National Gallery in London and the Ars Electronica Centre in Linz, Austria.

Real versus Ideal
In the early 2000's I carried out research into Model Villages as resulting in a number of films and exhibitions. As tourist attractions Model Villages can be seen as quaint or romantic. As models they were often the construction of an an individual's ideal place. As such they need to be analysed critically because one persons utopia is another's dystopia.

A Cinematic Space Odyssey
In 2005-7 the Kubrick Archive moved to UAl and was located at LCC. I was one of the first researchers to use the public archive. It is an amazing resource documenting Kubricks deep research processes and rigorous creative outputs that made him world famous and makes his films so engaging to this day.

The work I made through this research concentrated on mapping the archival material onto the film to ellicit new work and new views. I explored Kubricks use of colour in space as narrative device in 2001 Space Odyssey to create cinematic architectures. The work has been shown at the Barbican, the BFI, and presented at national and international conferences.



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