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+ Limited Edition Print (Edition of 40)


Limited edition print showing the layout and contents of the house in which I lived at the time. Houses that we live in stay in the memory as Bachelard so expertly describes, particulalry the houses in which we lived as children, during our formative years. These are lived spaces and are as real as the houses we occupy now, but even if the building still stands, they are places which are gone,they are no longer within reach, they only exist in daydreams.

How we see them in our minds eye is unique to each of us. The image here is intended as a trigger or memory space to evoke the memories of the quotidian. It was created in a programme called Virtus Walkthrough, software which allowed for the real time navigation of architectural space. Still images can be exported as vector files but the end result was far from perfect - in parts lines are not parallel or equidistant making interpretation difficult.

The project is one I have returned to as I produce an archive of the houses I have lived in. This print has taken on new meaning this year as I was asked to donate a piece of work to an exhibition curated by my very good friend and colleague Robin Jenkins. The exhibition will be in Japan in an area affected badly by the Earthquake and Tsunami - an area where many homes have disappeared. Some places we cant go back to because they have changed, some we can no longer return to because they are no longer there. In both cases these places live on in the minds of those who lived in them.