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Solo Exhibition of New Digital and Interactive Media work at the Filesharing Gallery, Berlin, Germany
18-21 July 2002.

The work was constructed around the act of looking down, looking into or looking over as for example, with an architectural model. The exhibition comprised of a custom built horizontal floor based responsive digital surface.

The work was concerned with engagement with the image - the surface was sound responsive and would alter its form and sequence in response to the sound level in the gallery.

The surface showed fragments of spatial narratives such as a 'possessed' domestic interior with furniture that xcould be made to levitate by making continuous sound.

Alongside this piece was Short Film shot on location in Madurodam, a model village in Holland. It was shown in the exhibition on a mini TV alongside a range of printed and photographic documentation from the project.


gallery Eva

Eva in the Filesharing Gallery after installation of the responsive screen.

Andy Lawrence

Andy Lawrence {Left} from the Staendige Vertretung design and Sven from Filesharing at the Private View.

Pete Maloney

Testing the work.