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Preparing resilient, dynamic and diverse students for a fast changing world of opportunity and challenge through live learning, research, risk-taking and collaborative knowledge generation and exchange in art and design.

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and I have carried out a number of funded pedagogic research projects. I have written design courses, including being commissioned to write the first BA in Virtual Reality in 16-17 which is now going through validation.

I have written and presented papers at national conferences like Alt-C and in 2010 was in receipt of a Teaching Fellowship. I promote reflective practice as a way of developing critical and self-directed learning. I aim to develop students as reflective practitioners to encourage them to become autonomous learners – to think about their thinking. I am particularly interested in how this can be enhanced through the use of digital technologies - in particular how social media tools can help promote a form of shared reflection, or reflective dialogue, to help groups of students reflect, improve and learn form each other.

My Teaching Fellowship explored how models of sharing and collaboration adapted from open source and social media can offer new ways for us to work and learn together, as students and staff to create and share knowledge and ideas. New collaborative models offer great potential for future learning and make for more experiential and peer learning to happen. It allows for greater cross cultural exchange and inter connectedness

It is clear that in an increasingly precarious environment for graduates, it is important to promote self-reflection, digital literacy and collaborative skills. It is this learning how to learn that will allow students to thrive in the dynamic and challenging world beyond University.


+ 2020 Architectures of the Imaginary, UDK Berlin.
Erasmus Funded Two day talk and workshops exploring Virtual Memories, Bodies, Identities and Futures. Poster

+ 2018 House of Daydreams project, Tate Modern.
Collaboration with Shibboleth Schechter, Marsha Bradfield plus students from DRS05, DRS07 and MA Iinterior and Spatial Design.

+ 2017 VR Symposia, Tate Modern.
Digital Maker Collective events including four VR Symposia: Virtual Histories, Virtual Economies, Virtual Bodies, Virtual Spaces with invited experts, practitioners, and industry partners

+ 2016 Two Funded Teaching and Learning Projects with Digital Maker Collective: Developing Open Learning Methods and Virtual Reality in Interior and Spatial Design.

+ 2011 Making a Difference project
ISD Openspace Communities of Practice development, culminating in the successful Openspace ISD Alumni Event.

+ 2009 Teaching and Professional Fellowship
Discovering communities of social e-learning practice download report
Paper presented a the ALT-C Conference 2010

+ 2006 CLIP CETL project
Blogs, Autonomous learning and reflective practice
download paper
Paper Presented at the ALT-C Conference 2007

openspace poster
+ 2012 Poster for the ISD Openspace Alumni Event

Tate Exchange 22.03.17

2017 Poster for DMC Event Virtual Spaces at Tate Modern

+ 2018 Yutao Shi, MA ISD Student at the House of Daydreams event at the Tate Modern Tate Exchange, in February
+ 2017 MA Interior and Spatial Design Student Piera Di Mascoli Denker Rasmussen wins Holition's first ever UXSprints VR award.
dmc tate exchange
+ 2017, the Digital Maker Collective at the Tate Modern Exchange ahead of the Digital Friction Event March 8th
openspace event
+ 2012 Charlotte Greenleaf presents in the packed out lecture theatre for the Openspace event
UDk 2020 Poster
+ 2020 Architectures of the Imaginary UDK Berlin
fellowship report 2010
+ The Fellowship Report 2010
Studio teaching 2008 [Photo UAL/David Barnett]
+ Live Project at Channel 4 2006 [Photo UAL/David Barnett]