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artifice cd


Commissioned Work and Article
for the first edition of Artifice Magazine from Black Dog Publishing / Bartlett.

Artifice was a beautifully put together production from Black Dog Publishing. The publishing team included Oliver Salway (now of Softroom fame) among many other talented writers and makers.

I was asked to submit an article for the book and some work for the accompanying CD. Sensoria consisted of three interactive spatial environments that could be navigated directly from the disc. They were made on an Apple Macintosh IIvi 32/80 using Virtus Walkthrough and accessed through Virtus Player and a Macromedia Director interface.

The article that accompanied the work in the book was a bit of a rant about how VR was going to be really important and change all of our lives in the future forever. If only I had replaced the words Virtual Reality for The Internet or Mobile Phone I would have been closer to the truth...

On re-reading the article though I did recount my first memory of an immersive VR experience in a Virtuality system at the Alexandra Palace back in 1989/90 - which brought back some fond memories, it was just like pressing your nose up against the TV while it was strapped to your head, those were the days.

Virtual Reality as a technology which allowed the user to immerse themselves into a digital space and interact with it didnt take off in the nineties for a number of reasons despite its potential. However, it it is clear that Virtual Reality andAugmented Reality are back on the agenda with Facebook buying Occulus Rift, a VR headset company for 2 Billion Dollars in March 2014. More about this news here

artifice cover
+ Artfice Magazine Cover Issue 01 1994

artifice article + Artifice Magazine: CD cover (left) and Sensoria article in the magazine (right) 1994
sensoria blue
sensoria blueshimsensoria blue
sensor redshimsensor red
sensor red