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artifice cd


Commissioned work and article for the first edition of Artifice Magazine from Black Dog Publishing / Bartlett


Artifice was a beautifully designed production from Black Dog Publishing. The publishing team included Oliver Salway (Softroom) among other talented writers and makers. Contributors in this issue: Sam Jacob, Neil Spiller, Rory Hamilton, Peter Maloney, Nina Pope and Jean Paul Bichard

Sensoria consisted of three interactive virtual spatial environments navigated directly from the disc. They were made using Virtus Walkthrough and accessed through Virtus Player and Macromedia Director. In the article I recall my first shared immersive VR experience in a Virtuality system at the Alexandra Palace back in 1989/90.

I loved Artifice magazine and thanks to Nina for getting me involved in the project.

artifice cover

+ Artfice Magazine Cover Issue01 1994

artifice article

+ Artifice Magazine: CD cover (left) and Sensoria article in the magazine (above) 1994
sensoria blue
sensoria blueshimsensoria blue
sensor redshimsensor red
sensor red