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Research project with the In-Heritage Research Group at CCW, UAL. Outcomes from the project were presented at the Remote Sensing Conference in April 2021 and exhbited in the special Collections Unit at the College in 2022

The Project
We worked remotely with the Camberwell ILEA Collection during the Pandemic. Each contributor selected an item from the archive to drive their research.

I selected a box of toy balancing blocks from the archive( W444H) to explore constructions of cultural memory, and how personal narratives and understanding can emerge from remote creative engagement with heritage collections, allowing for the making and remaking of memory.

In Heritage Group
The In-Heritage Group is a community of practice established during the coronavirus pandemic by academics from across illustration, 3d product and furniture and interior and spatial design, seeking to expand disciplinary research and knowledge exchange activity between heritage objects, sites, and settings to stir narratives about places. The group is active and open to new members, so get in touch if you would like to join us.

Remote Sensing Conference

In April 2021, the Illustration Programme at Camberwell College of Arts hosted a one-day online symposium, Remote Sensing. Speakers were members of the UAL academic community (staff and students) and invited guests from national and international institutions.

This publication contains documentation of the symposium, including transcripts, expanded abstracts, discussions, images, and sound. The Publication from the conference can be found here



+ ILEA Collection original online archive photograph of Item W444H Balancing Building Set (1951-1976)


In-Heritage Group Exhibition: 'The Domestic Imaginary' Special Collections, Camberwell College of Arts 2022 (Photo Colin Priest)


+ In-Heritage Group Exhibition: 'The Domerstic Imaginary' Special Collections, Camberwell College of Arts 2022 (Photo Colin Priest)


+ Re:making Memory 'The Domestic Imaginary' Digital model echoing the archival photograph, 2021


+ Re:making Memory: 'The Domestic Imaginary' making new memories, 2021


+ Re:making Memory: 'The Domestic Imaginary' digital model (2021)