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+ Projector, Plinth, Thread, Mesh

Spaces and Narrations 'Film as Measure'
Group Exhibitiion,
The Cookhouse Gallery,
Chelsea College of Arts, UAL
February 2013

The work was made specifically for the Film as Measure exhibition. Apparition I is constructed from a series of mesh screens that are layered between a digital projector on a plinth and the wall of the gallery.
The screens are made of a mesh that simultaneously captures the light from the projector while also allowing it to pass through onto subsequent screens and eventually onto the wall of the gallery. The screens are measured and cut to define the projector beam
Apparition II uses lines of thread in space to define sections of the projector beam. The projector in both cases emits a blue light - the ’default’ colour when no image or content is projected.

This intervention into the space between the projector and the wall seeks to define and describe the form of the beam of light emitted by the projector. The projection onto the wall, rather than being the main focus, now becomes a record of the structure between the projector and itself. The work explores ideas of drawing in space and speculates on the possibilities of a ‘multi-dimensional’ display.

This work developed through research into the site of 'the Cookhouse' at Millbank and in particular the narratives based around those who worked there and the ghosts that remain through these stories. The work reflects how technology and light are used to make the invisible visible. Whether revealing the existence of spirits and ghosts or revealing micro and macro spaces, the camera, the projector and the screen are used to define, record and measure space and matter which has previously remained invisible, intangible or unquantifiable.

The work also references early developments in perspective drawing and measuring space such as Alberti’s Veil - intervening between the object and the point of view (in this case the wall and the source of projected light) to capture a representation of a three-dimensional form.

apparition 1
+ Apparition I, Peter Maloney 2013 [all photographs by Pete Maloney]

apparition 1

apparition 1

apperition 2
+ Apparition II, Peter Maloney 2013 [all photographs by Pete Maloney]

apperition 2

apperition 2

+ Film as Measure Exhibition and Symposium Poster [Click to enlarge]