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+ The Virtual Studio 1994-98
Immersive VR Project

Project presented at:
- The National Gallery London UK 1996
- The Architecture Foundation, London 1997
- Institute of Contemporary Art, London UK 1997
- Ars Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria 1997
- ISEA in Chicago USA 1997

Featured in the book Envisioning Cyberspace
by Peter Anders (Mcgraw-Hill 1998)


Work in Progress was designed as an evolving real-time immersive virtual environment. For four years it was a studio, experimental laboratory and gallery.

The project was made while I was the Research Assistant for the Virtual Reality as a Fine Art Medium Research Project at Chelsea, led by the Performance Artist, Dr Kevin Atherton.

A number of key developments were addressed in the making of the work:

Enter into the picture
+ The use of a personal visual language to visualise the space. using drawing as a way to describe the world challenged the notion of reality in Virtual Reality. We could move beyond the frame and be 'in the picture'.

Sketchbook, Studio and Gallery
+ Bringing my drawings to life allowed for the testing of the changed relationship between the Artist, the Audience and the Work. The space became a studio, a laboratory and a gallery for creative exploration, experimentation and presentation.

Consensual memory palace
+ The work was shown at a number of national and international conferences and Exhibitions - it was demonstrated live and in real-time, a shared memory space building on developments outlined in Frances Yates' book The Art of Memory.

Posthuman viewpoints
+ The virtual camera allowed different perspectives and narrative positions in the work. The participant was at different able to adopt a first person view or see the world as a virtual pet, an ant, a fly or a bird's eye view.

Global Collaboration
+ It was the intention to enable the participant to contribute to the construction of the space by picking up a virtual pencil and drawing a door or a window to extend the spatial narrative further.

ICA deep screen diving

+ ICA Deep Screen Diving Event.

ICA Parallel Space

+ ICA Parallel Space Event


envis book

+ Envisioning Cyberspace
by Peter Anders (Mcgraw-Hill 1998)


Work in Progress

+ Overview of the drawn space of the Studio/Gallery in Work In Progress



Work in Progress

+ Drawing Room: The images we see first are sketchbook images which inspired the work

Work in Progress

+ Drawing in Space, pick up a virtual pencil to add to the space and create new spatial narratives.

Work in Progress

+ On reflection. The reflection in a virtual world is made of the same material as the world it reflects